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Studies for an apocalyptic drama began in 2005.
The starting point was the recovery of the word Apocalypse in a secular, devoid of any religious echoes, in a substantial regression etymological.

Revelation (from the greek apokalypsis - made by APO, and negative particle kalìptein, hide): 1.rivelazione, disvelamento. 2.processo of metamorphosis from an order to another, including why a destructive aspect (of death) and a constructive aspect (of birth, go to a new attitude).

The comparison was attempted between the end of the world's religious vision, in which the eschatological horizon appears as salvation and the current apocalyptic modern Western culture.
The focus of our research was so tight around the vision of contemporary means the world to become a sort of laboratory production, in which his own wisdom progression becomes prophetic message and an instrument of order.
Go through this issue has brought us to these texts in contemporary literature are considered detectors near future.

Were born in order 84.06 (based on the text of G. Orwell, 1984) and Entertainment synthetic social stability (inspired by the text of A. Huxley, The New World).
These two jobs you add a new project, SEIGRADI Concerto for synthetic voice and music. Derive from the dystopias that had landed the first two works will recover in the latter a level of primordial.




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