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We are in 'year d.F. stability 632 (after Ford), the beginning of a new era in which it is established
a new way of living and thinking society.
This is a perfect world, flat and without sores, wounds do not exist through which to enter or leave, there is no room for the pain, there are no moments of suffering, rebellion, not a war not a disaster, not a death accompanied by tears.
The population, brought happiness to a summary (the ration of Soma is a guarantee against any discomfort), stops to hear their nature, and the flattening of individual life inflates the life of a community forced.
The Wild, a rare example of a company in which you forgot comes from the maternal womb and died of old age, resists the plan of rehabilitation in which the system submit. .
This New World released from ugliness and the passions as living in a flat in a deep vacuum..






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    S P E T T A C O L O    S I N T E T I C O   P E R   L A   S T A B I L I T A'   S O C I A L E