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A body in a empty place is moving, something fragile is about to jump.
Voice, body and sound chase each other with knowing and undisciplined stops.
An escape composed of short and sudden peaks, unforeseeable errors as an unintentional mistake of planning or an originally unwanted behavior.
The video and graphic errors and the displacement of the sound events are irregularities that on their points of contact they articulate the accents of a forgotten song. A leave of the body in continuous subtraction and expansion.The material elements and the light will constitute the most important apparatus of the scene that will allow the spectators to attend a mutable experience.
The light, used for dissolving space and time, it will allow a perspective move, a break in the plan of the vision.



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S I N C R O N I E   D I   E R R O R I   N O N   P R E V E D I B I L I