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Santasangre is an artistic research project that was born in Rome in late 2001 from Diana Arbib, Luca Brinch, Maria Carmela Milan, Pasquale Tricoci. in 2004, with the arrival of Dario Salvagnini and Roberta Zanardo, reaching the current training.
A collective expression of diverse artistic training and personality, the Santasangre begin their journey by putting together what was the training of all: the body art, language video, installations and mechanical sound.
In response to a silence and a deeper vacuum to be filled, moving their work place inside the theater.
E 'here which is realized in a more concrete plan of the artistic direction of the possible fracture and formal language.
The need becomes the engine of the work of Santasangre is failing at every segmentation, experience complementary to materialize in a language expanded gambling and syncretism, in which the processes of contamination occur along a horizontal axis capable of touching the most significant artistic languages and performativi as video, music, body and aesthetic environments.
The line that always distinguishes the design of Santasangre is structured in a direction of interference with the present through the infinite possibilities that the artistic language possesses.

Born in these years Silent Cells (2003), the study rate64-Frame (2005), Faust (2005), and project studies for a theater apocalyptic of which 84.06 (2006) and Show synthetic social stability (2007) and SEIGRADI_concerto for voice and music Sheets (2008).
In all the work so far carried out in parallel all'ibridazione language, the Santasangre body investigate the matter through its endless declinations.