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The hypothesis is an intermediate level in the scientific method of a knowledge cover that, trough different levels and if confirmed, ends into a theory’s formalisation.

Every phenomenon in nature that shows it self in its being and let call itself wonder, brings at the same time an equivalent dimension of disquiet, of terrifying beauty that leaves to the human being the experience of his finite life. The wonder of nature surprises and scares us at the same istant. In this double value, underlying the emotional and easthetic plan, we will move to be poised in the beauty of the disaster: there is not an apology of the distruction but rather a song to let return to the nature what man tries to mystify. It is important to remember that the nuclear energy is a primary energy in nature and that among its reactions – fusion and fission – only those induced are imputable to the imprudent use of man (the dangerous hydrogen bomb): those spontaneous, instead, offer us one of the most valuable events of creation, the energy of the stars. That is an attempt to let return its phenomena to the nature, bringing back the man to the plan where he can enjoy only the spell.


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