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There are many theories for which it will be foreseen an environmental disaster in our future, but common is the idea that the high emission of CO2 in the atmosphere leads to the increase of the greenhouse effect and absorption of sunlight by the soil. Increases so 'global warming of the earth with consequent risk of flooding and desertification.
Water, then, as absolute protagonist in the process that is disrupted in our ecosystem.

A story, that of a walking path in water and in his absence.
A personal reflection on the extraordinary beauty and strength of this element through music, image, singing and body.
The route is an attempted return to the synthesis between body, voice, sounds and virtual environments.

E 'un-core sound experiment in which light sources, holographic images, sounds leagues in real time, make the place a scene of the magic lantern large. The scene is proposed as an audible and visual self-productive, in fact it proliferate and generate sound-vision-action from internal resources to space himself.
The line drammaturgica of the show follows the breakdown of the 4 movements (defined as stages of change) of its structure symphonic opera, while the development of 3D video and sound of the gesture speaks with the sounds of concrete elements produce the harmonic structure of speech. The contents are assigned to the 4 stages of becoming Aristotle argues that the "first book of physics".







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| Studies for an apocalyptic theatre
concerto per voce e musiche sintetiche