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"Everything vanishes into thin air, and the past is deleted and the deletion is forgotten,
The lie becomes truth and then lie again become "1984 (G. Orwell)

84.06 is a job that increasingly moves toward breaking of the border that separates the thought dall'accadimento. "The thought of itself does not include an action, but at the same time as one imagines is something inherent action, other than the physical, but not for this less important: the movement vision brain."

Field 's investigation is' distortion of reality, manipulation of thought through the illusion of media images.
The story of this show takes place in a glass box, an allegory of conditioning system, inside a man was arrested, his conduct does not fall in the canons of the system, but not her acting that you want to block, is his instinct to think as an individual who is afraid, you must destroy the vision that allows a critical choice.
Outside the space d 'action is plotting two figures, which at their convenience (through the use of media audio / video) allow the glass box to condition the warm thoughts of the man.







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